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[wtp-dev] WTP Source Editing Reports

I've recently added to the WTP Source Editing CI builds, the following code review reports:

1. FindBugs
2. PMD's DRY Reports - duplicate code checker

It reveals some "interesting" things about various portions of the code. Some of the code comes through these tools in good shape, other's...well the reports speak for themselves. FindBugs is good at suggesting where there may be potential bugs lurking, and the PMD DRY report gives some insight where code may have been copied and pasted. Copy and pasted code can lead to potential bugs, and extra code size as well as memory usage. If a bug is fixed in one place it may still be hiding somewhere else.

These reports are run with every build, so as changes are made, the trend lines will be affected. JSDT has so many warnings with FindBugs that I'm only able to do analysis on just the Core plugin. I have not yet added the DRY reports to JSDT.

If you are interested in the reports they are available on Hudson. Just select the build, and then on the left the appropriate report.

Questions let me know.

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