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[wtp-dev] Notice that JST zip is gone

What? What's the JST zip?

Well, we have never published it and actively told people not to use it, knowing it was fragile, and now it is gone.  (The basic reason is that hierarchical nesting features doesn't always work, see bug 250035).

And it is not actually completely gone yet, but it is drastically changed ... now contains only JST features, not JST plus WST features ... and it will eventually go away in 3.2 stream.

Since this is changing even in 3.1.x maintenance stream, I thought I should announce it, even though it has never been published or supported.

If this effects anyone in unanticipated ways, let us know or open a bug. The easy "fix" (in maintenance stream) for anyone using it, would be to now use both the jst zip and the wst zip.


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