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[wtp-dev] Plans for next week ... ?

During this week's status meeting, I'd like to decide what to do about 
next week's I-build and status meeting. 

Thursday, 11/26, is a holiday in the US, and some people take off several 
days of the week, if not all week. 

So, I'd like to propose we skip having a declared I-build and status 
meeting next week. 

But, I know some people in the world might still be working next week :) 
so we can do what ever the committers would collectively like to do. 

What we have done sometimes in years past is to have a declared build on 
Wednesday, or something. Even if, then, it might not be tested as much or 
by all teams. 

I'm sending this note out now so you all can have a few days to think 
about it, and see if it effects your plans one way or another. 

We'll make the final decision after discussing at this Thursday's status 


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