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Re: [wtp-dev] how to display a element from other spe in the wsdl editor

Thank you very much! Valentin!
I have finished the xml catalog and am working on the rename refactoring issue.

For now, there are some other questions:

1. partnerlinktype validator
    After I added a partnerlinktype into a wsdl file, I want to do validation. I find there are two
    extend point: one is extvalidator, the other is wsdl11validator. Which should I extend?
2. I extend the org.eclipse.wst.xml.core.
catalogContributions to support add a partnerlinktype in
    the xml catalog. But after this, when I right-click a partnerlinktype in the extensions tab of the
    properties view, there is 'New' item in the popup menu. Click the 'New' itme, there is always
    'definitions' item. If you click it, you will create a wsdl definitions under the partnerlinktype. This
    is not what I want. I have added a filter for this to just let ‘role' and 'document' to display on the
    'New' popup menu. But the 'definitions' itm always is there. I can not filter it. Do you know the

2009/11/17 Valentin Baciu <vbaciu@xxxxxxxxxx>


As you have noticed, by design, the WSDL editor will only display components from the WSDL namespace in the design tab and outline view. The editor is trying to focus the user on the main editing activities: adding, modifying and removing WSDL services, port types, operations, parameters and bindings. Other components, like WSDL messages and bindings extensibility elements are considered secondary and most times are created automatically as side effects or explicitly (for example through the Generate binding content action). Advanced users who want to edit extensibility elements can do so in the properties view extensions tab or in source mode. The extensions tab and source mode are dynamic: they are guided by the XML schemas that describe various extensibility element namespaces. To get the most out of this, be sure to register the partner link schema with the XML catalog using this extension point org.eclipse.wst.xml.core.catalogContributions.

<extension point="org.eclipse.wst.xml.core.catalogContributions">
<catalogContribution id="default">
name="<schema target namespace>"
uri="<schema location>" />

I believe I have answered the port type to partner link port type rename refactoring question in this bug

Valentin Baciu
Rational XML Web Services Tools

Inactive hide details for grid qian ---11/13/2009 03:20:53 AM---Hi all, For now, I am working on extending the wsdl editor to sgrid qian ---11/13/2009 03:20:53 AM---Hi all, For now, I am working on extending the wsdl editor to support ws-bpelDate: 11/13/2009 03:20 AM
Subject: [wtp-dev] how to display a element from other spe in the wsdl editor
Hi all,

For now, I am working on extending the wsdl editor to support ws-bpel partnerlinktype.
I add a action on a porttype to generate bpel partnerlinktype and give a label provider
for the bpel partnerlinktype.
But I only can get the generated partnerlinktype in the extensions tab of the property view.
How can I get the bpel partnerlinktype display in the wsdl editor?

If I want to display the partnerlinktype in the outline view, I need to extend the wsdl modle?
How to do this?

For now, I can use a wsdl element, for example  a porttype, in eclipse bpel editor, if I change
the porttype operation in the wsdl editor, in the bpel file ,will change it automatically.
But if I change the reference porttype name of a partnerlinktype, the porttype in the bpel file
will not change automatically.
I want to know, how can I make the change will be done automatically?

Thanks a lot!!


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