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[wtp-dev] Can we remove "performance test" bundles?

>From a quick look, these are the "performance test" bundles we still 
compile each build, but never use. 


We concluded a long time ago, that if/when we ever do performance tests 
again, we should pretty much "start over". I'm not sure how much of these 
old plugins would be reusable ... and they will remain in cvs forever, of 

I noticed these this weekend while making some improvements in the way we 
run JUnit tests (bug 295153). The improvement was just to look for plugins 
that have test.xml and run those as JUnit tests. That avoids having to 
list each and every plugin we want to consider a test plugin, and then 
have to change the build infrastructure, just to add a new test. 

But, these performance ones had to be specially excluded, since they also 
have a "test.xml" file (which doesn't run). 

My personal view is we should remove them. After all, the builds take long 
enough as it is ... and even though this is probably only 5 minutes .. 
still we should look for little improvements too. Another option would be 
to rename their "test.xml" file to "performance.xml". While the build/test 
script currently works with a simple exclude of bundles with "performance" 
in their names, I'd prefer to not have even that hardcoding in the 
build/test script, and instead, make the xml file name the "key" as to 
what to do to it. 

So, if you own one of these performance bundles, please comment in bug 

Your response could be
1) I agree and removed x,y,z, or 
2) I want to keep mine compiling, but have renamed test.xml to 
performance.xml, or 
3) I don't want to change anything, just leave me alone! :) 

Thanks for your consideration, 

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