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Re: [wtp-dev] Question about XML Catalog Contributions

>From what I've seen, the use of schema location is very widespread and many
schema publishers practically require it by not serving schema from
namespace URI. While it's conceivable that a schema processor would choose
to ignore the schema location hint, other solutions to this problem have
larger issues. Take the custom resolver approach as an example. That is
guaranteed to have one behavior in Eclipse and another behavior in every
other xml processor.
Works great if you have one particular product. Causes nightmares when you start doing B2B data exchanges, or having to move product configurations around.

XML best practice is still namespaces, and custom resolvers. Or if you already know what to use, a Grammar Pool that is already preloaded with your schemas. Just because something is done or widespread doesn't make it the right way to do it. Just the way that people have done it.

There are many cases when you are doing B2B data exchanges with XML that you don't want to rely on what the schemaLocation in the xml file says. It may not map to your environment.


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