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[wtp-dev] Respinning for 3.1.1

Sorry to say we needed a respin for 3.1.1 after all. One of the blocking 
hotbugs we fixed for this release 
( had a small flaw 
that rendered it useless in context and unfortunately 
this error was not discovered until just today. I think there is just time 
to re-spin, instead of producing an immediate patch. 

The unit tests are running now, and will likely be done around midnight 
(Eastern time). Until then, an early version can be found "as it tests" at

After the tests are complete (e.g. after midnight) it can be found at the 
normal 'committers' area. 

After the JSF team verifies the fix is in the build, I'll promote it to 
'downloads' page. At that time, it will still have the 'M' designation, so 
will rename it on 9/25 for release. I do not think there needs to be any 
formal testing of this final build ... but anyone is welcome to sanity 
check it and let us know if any regressions. 

Apologies for any inconvenience or rework this causes. Do let us know if 
this impacts anyone in ways we are not aware of. 


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