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Re: [wtp-dev] Declaring Build for wtp-R3.2-S: S-3.2M1-20090813235332 -- almost M1

In fixing/finishing some things for the Helios common repository, [that 
is, specifically for Helios stream, as opposed to our Galileo based 
builds] I've discovered there was one other "narrow range" problem, 
related to EMF. (See bug 

I've fixed that, and it'll be in the 3.2 I build that's currently running. 
I've confirmed that is the only change in that build, so I feel 
comfortable declaring that build as our "official M1", without further 
testing. Once its done, that is, which won't be for several hours ... 
approximately 5 PM. I'll just "rename" it to an S build. 

So, no reason for committers to hold off on further commits today (Yes, 
that includes you, Carl :) 

But I wanted to warn adopters that this declared S-build is not quite our 
final M1. I'll "re-declare" another S-build once it's ready. 


David M Williams/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS
08/14/2009 04:45 AM
[wtp-dev] Declaring Build for wtp-R3.2-S: S-3.2M1-20090813235332
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