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Re: [wtp-dev] WTP 3.2 Release ... and PsychoPath XPath 2.0 processor

Thanks Dave and Mukul for letting us know. 

My personal apologies for not talking to you first-hand about this before 
the announcement. But, given the talks with everyone else, we (the PMC) 
knew the decision about WTP as a whole would not change based on the few 
committers we had not talked to yet, and I felt it urgent to get this 
information out as soon as possible. 

As far as what to do about your case. There is no provision in Eclipse to 
"release one jar". Only (sub) projects release. 
If it was just a matter of "lining up" with Xerces, I'd say a milestone 
build might suffice. It could only be presented "for early testing" (not 
product-ready use) but, it could provide a nice mechanism to get good, 
"real life" feedback before an official product-ready release. 

But, you also mention "adopter" and here at Eclipse, adopters rule ... 
well, second to committers :) ... so if in fact an adopter needs a 
released version of that one jar, we should talk more, and discuss options 
with the Source Editing sub-project. I can imagine there's several 
options, and its just a matter of finding one that is easy that still 
meets needs. 

Again, greatest apologies for not talking to you before the announcement. 
Lets talk again once you are ready. 

Thanks again, 

Mukul Gandhi <mukul.gandhi@xxxxxxxxxx>
"General discussion of project-wide or architectural issues." 
08/12/2009 11:18 PM
Re: [wtp-dev] WTP 3.2 Release moved to June
Sent by:

In a mail to,  xerces-j users list just a day or two back, Michael
Glavassevich (Xerces-J project lead) wrote:

The next release is 2.10.0. It's been in the queue for awhile and would
like to see it come out some time before the end of the year.

It seems, Xerces-J would be releasing a new version at the end of this
year. As Dave wrote, in the new Xerces-J version, we would need PsychoPath
XPath 2.0 engine, for XML Schema 1.1 support.

I think, it would be nice, if we can have official PsychoPath release by
end of this year. I believe, that shall be beneficial for Xerces-J, and
also for projects, using Xerces-J.


             David Carver 
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             AM                        Re: [wtp-dev] WTP 3.2 Release moved 

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             Please respond to 
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I might have a request for one of the wst.xsl components that an adopter
was hoping to have released in the December time frame.

The PsychoPath XPath 2.0 processor which is currently a part of the
wst.xsl code is planned to be used by Xerces-J's XML Schema 1.1 support.
We've been working pretty hard to get the processor to pass the W3C Test
Suite and are pretty close. I know that XSL isn't it's own project, but
what would be the process to possibly release just the XPath 2.0
Processor as a standalone jar in December?

I'm waiting to hear back from the Xerces-J developers on this, to find
out what their time frame for release is. If it's next year, than this
may be a moot point. Just bringing it up since I'm not going to be able
to make tomorrows call.


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