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[wtp-dev] WST XML Component public API


First of all, I'm not a WTP developer and I know that this is a development mailing list. Unfortunately, I didn't find answers to my questions and I thought this is the last place I would have a chance to find them.

I am trying to programatically access the WST XML component. The problem is that I didn't find any documentation, public API or extensions for this component. I've checked the overview page and the wst sdk and I couldn't find anything relevant. I only found internal classes which, judging by this article shouldn't be used by normal users because they are subject to change anytime. So, does the WST XML Component have a public API or usable extension points?

I'm asking this because I'm using the XML editor plugin (wst.xml.ui) to edit XML files and I need to programatically access the DOM of the XML file currently open. Can this be done without messing around with the internal classes or recompiling the source code of the plugin?

Any help is appreciated.


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