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Re: [wtp-dev] Javax.ejb

Title: Javax.ejb
On 8/7/09 1:22 AM, Manov, Milen wrote:

Hello colleagues,
        I am trying to create an ejb project from a junit. I need it buildable so I need javax.ejb in its buildpath, but I do not know where can I get a refernce to ejb-3_0.api.jar from. I could not find it in the Orbit project. I suppose it is not possible for legal reasong to just pack this jar in my test plugin is it?

Thank you in advance,
Milen Manov

Maybe you could use the Java EE 5 API jar from maven?  See
and content at
You can use this single jar for build purposes. It does not contain any implementation method to clear the legal issue.

We are going to also push Maven 2 snapshot of the new Java EE 6 APIs very very very soon.


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