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RE: [wtp-dev] Javax.ejb

Title: Javax.ejb
    I have found out that there is already a CQ from rt.eclipselink on that matter. I would like ot ask if I should proceed by creating a similar CQ or it is a better idea to include this in Orbit project as there are now more than one client on the same jar.
Best regards,

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Subject: [LIKELY JUNK][wtp-dev] Javax.ejb

Hello colleagues,
        I am trying to create an ejb project from a junit. I need it buildable so I need javax.ejb in its buildpath, but I do not know where can I get a refernce to ejb-3_0.api.jar from. I could not find it in the Orbit project. I suppose it is not possible for legal reasong to just pack this jar in my test plugin is it?

Thank you in advance,
Milen Manov

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