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Re: [wtp-dev] Workshop 10.3, Axis2 and Databinding (XMLBEANS and JIBX missing)

 Durbans - 

     I am collaborating on a project with some folks and they recommended
 xmlbeans databinding to do our ws client generation - trying this out, even 
 with the latest and greatest Eclipse WTP, Axis2, and everything else, I can
say that this
 still seems to be easier said than done. They MUST have some workflow where
 do this databinding by running the stuff via terminal and
generate the 
 client code with xmlbeans via the -d xmlbeans flag. Or so it would seem.

   Through the WTP Web Services Client import GUI/Wizard this does not seem
to yet
 be supported - but is a known issue. I am going to investigate doing the
client generation
 apart from eclipse and just bring those generated classes in manually to
see if they
 all can play nice. 

    Here is the link to the bug tracker and to another forum saying much of
the same conclusion:
 ~Hope this helps - Peace. BugTrack Other Forum 
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