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Re: [wtp-dev] Another WTP Question

This is similar to a question I had as well - see issue


Tim McConnell wrote:
Hi, I've noticed that whenever I deploy a single module or multiple modules from the WTP "Add and Remove" wizard and I get a deployment exception from the server, it still shows up in the Server view as if it deployed successfully, which is very confusing to our end-users. I assume we're doing something incorrect in our BehaviorDelegate but it's not obvious to me. When I debug this code in Server.publishImpl() below, I see that our BehaviorDelegate CoreException is caught. I also see our module contained within modules2 below so I expect that it'll get deleted (or at least not added) but instead it gets saved in the .metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.wst.server.core\publish0.dat file even though it doesn't really exist in the server. Can someone help explain what else I need to do in our BehaviorDelegate when throwing our CoreException ?? Or is this a bug or expected behavior ?? Thanks much.....

            try {
getBehaviourDelegate(monitor).publish(kind, modules4, monitor, info);
            } catch (CoreException ce) {
                Trace.trace(Trace.WARNING, "Error during publishing", ce);
                status = ce.getStatus();

            final List<IModule[]> modules2 = new ArrayList<IModule[]>();
            visit(new IModuleVisitor() {
                public boolean visit(IModule[] module) {
if (getModulePublishState(module) == IServer.PUBLISH_STATE_NONE)

                    return true;
            }, monitor);

getServerPublishInfo().removeDeletedModulePublishInfo(Server.this, modules2);

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