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Re: [wtp-dev] Planning for WTP 3.2 release..

I am sorry for off topic. I wonder will you and when will you plan to release ATF project with WTP 3.* version?


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>Относно: [wtp-dev] Planning for WTP 3.2 release..
>Изпратено на: Четвъртък, 2009, Юли 16 19:58:50 EEST

>Hello Project Leads,
>It is time to start the planning process for the WTP 3.2 release scheduled for 12/18. The goal for WTP 3.2 is to provide basic support for the Java EE 6 family of specifications and other improvements. This release will be followed by the Helios - WTP 3.3 release. We will start the planning process for the Helios release soon.
>I have created a basic plan document in CVS for each of the sub-projects under, www/webtools/standard-project-plans/wtp_3_2 . I have carried over all the themes from the Galileo release for convenience. Please update the plan document to reflect the themes for the WTP 3.2 release. Create bugzilla entries for each of the feature you plan to implement in this release. Add the keyword, 'plan' to the bug. Use the Status Whiteboard field in the bugzilla to associate a feature with a theme. For example, if you would like to associate a feature with the theme, Ease of Use, add EaseOfUse to the Whiteboard field. Plan items that have no themes will appear in the Other category. Finally, update the projectplanurl field for your project from the Eclipse Portal to point to the new plan. You e may refer the WTP 3.1 planning wiki for more information,
>The plan document should be ready by the first milestone, 8/21.
>Raghu Srinivasan, WTP PMC
>wtp-dev mailing list

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