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[wtp-dev] WTP this week ...

Ready to crank it up again? 

I suggest we start having declared weekly I-build starting this week 
(which means tomorrow; back to the no-code-Thursdays rhythm). 

I'll issue a smoke test request tomorrow (Thursday) morning and if anyone 
has trouble complying due to short notice, just say so. But, I think it's 
important to make sure we are all synch'd up and get off to a running 

I'm working on confirming and having I-builds and M-builds scheduled in 
our calendar and will get that done before long ... but in general, 
similar to before ... weekly declared builds for next release, roughly 
bi-weekly for maintenance. 

Second, we will have a status meeting tomorrow, and I'll devote the last 
part of the meeting to a "post mortem" of our 3.1 year, so be thinking 
ahead of things you liked and want to make sure we continue and things you 
didn't like and could stand some improvement. See WTP Continuous 
Improvement for notes from previous years. You can begin to fill in items 
at Team_thoughts_on_continuous_improvement_31 any time, if you are not 
able to make the meeting to discuss. 

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