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[wtp-dev] Generate war files

Title: Generate war files

We use Eclipse to manage 17 different web projects.  I include all of these web projects within the same workspace.  That is because I have an additional Java project that is really a common library that all of the other projects include.  That way when I export a war file it contains the most up-to-date code.

1) Is there a way you could allow at the project level a setting where I could specify the "war" file path and name?
2) Is there a way you could add an option to generate "war" files for all projects that have a "war" file path and name specified?

When we change the JDK version or we make an update to the shared Java project I have to manually export each and every war file for each project.  Also the number of export paths that the export screen remembers is set so low that it never remembers the 17 different web projects.

If you cannot do the above could you at the very least increase the number of paths that the export a war file screen remembers?


Lance Campbell
Project Manager/Software Architect/DBA
Web Services at Public Affairs

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