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[wtp-dev] Please help test latest EPP Java EE IDE Package

I hope it's just me ... but I tested for about an hour on two platforms 
and immediately found 3 bugs! 
All of them bad, even if a few are probably intermittent. 

279191 JEE Preview Server won't start
279193 NPE while programmatically switching to console view
279195 Debug breakpoints don't break if server has already ran

So please continue to test well these last few weeks, so we at least know 
if there's some bad regressions 
before we release, even if we can't completely fix them in time. 

Our EPP Java EE IDE RC3 candidate is, so far, dated 20090604-2257 
and can be downloaded at

It has our "custom" welcome screen which looks cool ... though I admit I 
do not personally know how to evaluate it ... hope some of you do? 

Much thanks, 

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