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[wtp-dev] Exporting WAR and EAR files from scripts

Hi all!

My question is so basic, I have a hard time believing to be the first one to ask. But I failed to find a good answers.

I am developing and interactively testing Dyanmic Web Projects in Eclipse.

Now I want to export deployable archives. There is the Export WAR file ... menu item in the IDE, which does just that, and quite well.

But is there any way to have a WAR file exported from the command line, for example, in a headless environment. I can build my workspace by starting Eclipse headless, but it won't export my WAR file. At least, I haven't found out, how.

Would I have to duplicate my projects settings into an Ant build.xml file to archieve this?

Does anyone have anything better.

As a bottom line, I would like to be able to have Eclipse build a WAR (and possibly an EAR) file for me, for example, as part of a continuous integration process (think Continuum, Bamboo, etc.)


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