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[wtp-dev] Time for finishing touches on Release Review Docuware

I've made a first pass at or Release Review docuware, but now need to ask 
other PMC members and Project Leads to review and fix up your special 

A web version is visible at

and you can find/edit the 'odt' version in our web site repository, under


You can edit the odt file directly, if you'd like and think you can do it 
at a time when no one else is ... or, else someone will have to 'merge' 
the documents. I can do that ... just save a copy of the file with your 
initials in filename. 

Project Leads: 

Improve the "feature" section: I've left in the general descriptions of 
features, but if there is any thing new this year or anything you want to 
emphasize or de-emphasize more, feel free to add and remove bullets. 

PMC Members: 

Improve your "specialty" sections ... Raghu - Planning document, Tim API 
and and architecture, Kaloyan Usability/UI, Naci Education, Neal, the 
quality section and bugzilla tables. 

All: improve any part of it you want :) 

Now the rub ... we need a draft to EMO by 29th, Friday, so please complete 
by Friday noon, or let me know if you can not. 

Remember, the audience of the document are "process people" at EMO and 
adopters that'd be fairly technical and familar with project, and just 
want to be sure we are on track for their use. That is, does not have to 
be 'end user' or 'press release' quality. 

There is also a short/summary version (also an obvious odt file in that 
same directory). After you finish the long document, please edit the 
summary document appropriately ... perhaps add "new features" there, the 
bug count tables, etc. 

Here's a link to a note with other links to the actual "official" what is 
required documentation if you want to 
refresh you memory.


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