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RE: [wtp-dev] FW: [wtp-jsf-dev] Question about externalizing JSF.

Automatically externalizing strings in a JSF page is a feature currently not available in the JSF Tools project. Please log an enhancement request.

You can get to the JSF newsgroup here:


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Subject: [wtp-dev] FW: [wtp-jsf-dev] Question about externalizing JSF.

Forwarding to wtp-dev since I am not sure many people are subscribed to

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Subject: [wtp-jsf-dev] Question about externalizing JSF.


I am writing to the mailing list since I could not find the jsf
newsgroup (or it is empty)

I am looking for a way to externalize the message in JSF in an automated
way similar to externalizing strings from .java files in JDT. I have
searched for "externalize jsf eclipse" (and similar) both in google in
bugzilla, but I could not find anything.
Is there a plan for such a feature? Has anyone thought about this? A
place I could start from, instead of starting from scratch will be
really greate.


Best Regards,
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