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[wtp-dev] Adopter Request for XML

I posted a blog entry asking for Adopters and Community users input on what was needed in the way of XML support. Attached is one such request. It's a pretty basic need, and actually gets asked a lot on the IRC channel.


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Since you asked... (what adopters would like):

There are a number of Eclipse and RCP tutorials out there that are very good, e.g. those of Lars Vogel. A tutorial for incorporating the wtp xml editor (and all the supporting paraphenalia like an outline view) into a brand new RCP app would be very helpful. A step by step beginners tutorial, e.g., 1. get the Eclipse RCP ganymede release 2. create a basic rcp app with a view 3. create an extension point for a perspective and set the class to ..wst.xml_ui.perspective (I made this class name up, but I'd like to know if there is one like this) 4. open the editor by passing in an IEditorInput, etc.

I am a huge admirer of the Eclipse project, and I realize that the community should (and I am sure will over time) kick in on this, but it is a little harder than I think it need be at the moment to get underway with much of the Eclipe stuff.

Posted by jc to Intellectual Cramps at April 23, 2009 3:11 PM

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