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[wtp-dev] Fw: [wtp-releng] Fw: Galileo must-do: The Babel Galileo train has been set up

Hi all,

To verify the translatability of WTP, all components should be doing pseudo translation testing (PTT).  This is done in a coordinated effort with the Babel PTT for the Galileo Simultaneous Release.

The Pseudo Translation packs are now available here:

(or you can use the update site: )

If you don't see yours, then you need to add your map files (see forwarded note) here: .  Let me know and we'll get the language packs created for you.

After installing the language packs, start eclipse with: -nl en_AA

The plan is to start pseudo translation testing next week (04/13).   Please aim to finish no later than 05/05,  (earlier if possible, before M7 finishes).

Please update bug when your component is finished testing.

Keith Chong
WTP Web Services

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David M Williams <david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx>
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[wtp-releng] Fw: Galileo must-do: The Babel Galileo train has been        set up

This will be the responsibility of each Project Lead ... unless someone wants to volunteer to do them all :)

One tip, if you don't know the exact URL you should use, you can start with

and navigate to your specific map(s).

For example, for Orbit, it turned out to be

(note the "root=" argument).

And ... as Carl just reminded me ... there's no need to include maps for test bundles. We don't translate tests.


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Denis Roy <denis.roy@xxxxxxxxxxx>


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03/09/2009 02:59 PM


[cross-project-issues-dev] Galileo must-do: The Babel Galileo train has been set up

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Babel participation is a Galileo must-do, your Galileo map files may now be entered into the Babel server. Simply log into and use the FOR COMMITTERS link. The map file URLs you will be entering should be pointing to the HEAD stream and should be assigned to the version number you will be releasing in June 2009.

Once your map files are entered, the Babel server will crawl them every night and pull all the externalized strings, making them available for translation.

In June, once your code has been tagged as a release in CVS or SVN, we will update all the map file URLs to point to the Release tag, not HEAD. The Babel team will do this for you in June if you tell us what the tag is. For now, don't worry about it -- we'll remind you later.

As an example, the Eclipse project would be defining the map files for Eclipse 3.5 using the "Download" link in ViewVC HEAD:

For more information on defining your map files in Babel, please see the
Babel FAQ for Committers or ask on the Babel newsgroup.

Denis Roy

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