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[wtp-dev] WTP Update Site

We are seeing inconsistent behavior with regards to default enablement of the WTP update site. Starting with a clean Eclipse Ganymede SR2 for Java EE Developers install and a clean workspace, some users are seeing the WTP update site enabled by default, while others are seeing it disabled by default. Does anyone know what is controlling this and what could account for the differences that we are seeing?
The reason that this is is an issue for us is that we are shipping a product that is designed to work with WTP Ganymede stream. It is, however, incompatible with Dali 2.1.x (from this year's release train). If a user takes a Ganymede install, searches for updates and then installs everything, our product may or may not be installable depending on whether the WTP update site was turned on when they went looking for updates. The main Ganymede update site only has 2.0.x versions of Dali (as expected), so updates coming from there are ok. Since p2 UI is such a stellar example of usability users are getting quite confused.

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