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[wtp-dev] Data Model Wizard Framework feature

Title: Data Model Wizard Framework feature


I would like to provide the Data Model Wizard Framework from the WTP Common Tools available as a separate feature on the update site.

At SAP we build tools on top of this functionality, but those tools are not exactly in the scope of web development and we would like they to depend on a leaner part of WTP.

I opened bug and proposed how the feature project may look like. I am not a committer in the WTP Common Tools and I will need somebody to review and commit this for me.

I would also like to ask some questions.
The Data Model Wizard Framework is in the org.eclipse.wst.common.frameworks and org.eclipse.wst.common.frameworks.ui plugins. It looks to me that these plugins also contain some other "common" functionality that does not relate to the Data Model Wizard Framework. Do I understand this correctly? If yes, does it make sense to move the Data Model Wizard Framework in separate plugins? This will certainly make the task of reducing the plugin dependencies ( easier. At the moment the common.frameworks.* plugins depend on jem.util and some emf plugins. I think the Data Model Wizard Framework can avoid this.

In any case, completing bug 266448 for Galileo even with the current setup of plugins will be very helpful.


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