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Re: [wtp-dev] ModuleAssembler functional change advice

Hi Steven,
Have you  checked this  bugzilla entry?
Is it what you are describing?

On Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 9:32 PM, Steven Curtis <sjcurt01@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I've done a bit of reading regarding exploded EAR deployment and how
> it relates to Eclipse publishing capabilities.  By exploded
> deployment, I mean publishing an EAR by making a directory containing
> all required resources available to the application server instead of
> packaging the resources into an EAR file and then copying it to the
> deployment directory of the application server.  Oracle's OC4J J2EE
> container supports this type of deployment.
> After examining the source of the
> org.eclipse.jst.server.generic.core.internal.publishers package, I
> propose adding a configuration option to the AntPublisher to allow for
> the instantiation of a new type of ModuleAssembler that gathers all
> the required resources into a directory structure, including any
> participating WAR and EJB modules, and leaving all modules including
> the root EAR application as directories instead of jaring them into
> archive files.  Subsequent publishing would then require synchronizing
> modified resources with existing files in the target deployment
> directory.  Configuring deployment of the directory to the application
> server would be left to the user, though this functionality could be
> incorporated into the org.eclipse.jst.server.generic.oc4j package at a
> later time.
> I've never done any serious Eclipse plugin development and I hope this
> proposal doesn't sound too sophomoric, but I would appreciate any
> comments or suggestions related to this proposal.  e.g. whether or not
> one person would be capable of its implementation, if it duplicates
> efforts already underway, if the proposed functionality is too
> specific to be included in the WTP project, etc.
> Thanks,
> Steven Curtis
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