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[wtp-dev] Please help test update sites for Ganymede (and Galileo)

Since Ganymede SR2 is coming up fast, it should have the highest priority ... but Galileo M5 should be ready soon too.

I've documented the relevant URLs and some use-cases in

I haven't really done it justice, as several more pages of detailed "how to test" could be provided there, so as you notice things that are not right, or tips that should be added, please do so. That way, the pages will get better with time, instead of one person having to do all the work.

In the future we might be more organized and have a "test matrix" to make sure all cases are covered, but for now I'll just informally ask that everyone try and make some update site informal testing part of your Final Testing for Ganymede, and ... em ... to finish my Monday or Tuesday (incase we need fixes before Wednesday's declare). I suspect many of you have a "favorite case" you'd like to try and make sure it works as advertised.


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