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Re: [wtp-dev] Eclipse web services

Questions about the use of WTP are best posted on the newsgroup. This mailing list is for discussing development of WTP itself. Please follow up on the newsgroup if you have any more questions.

That tutorial you are following is a bit out of date. There are updated tutorials here: (look for the WS tutorials)

Your service is deployed on the tomcat server that you install. WTP is meant to help you develop and test your web service. When you are ready to deploy your service for use you can export your service as a war or ear file and deploy it on your server outside of eclipse.

Mark Hutchinson, IBM Toronto Lab
Software Developer, Rational Java Web Services Tools

wtp-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 02/13/2009 07:39:28 AM:

> Hi,

> i followed this tutorial
> contribution/IBM/evalGuides/WebServicesToolsEval.html to build a web
> service in eclipse:

> I have some doubts now, that i hope you could clarify:
> Eclipse uses an internal tomcat server. Why do i need to install a
> new one? Where are the files of the web service i built if i wanted
> to deploy them to another web server?

> Do i have to open Eclipse every time i need to access my web service
> via IE? I am having this need because Eclipse is the one that starts
> Tomcat? Can i start tomcat from the command line withou opening
> Eclipse? This leads again to the first question? Which is the tomcat
> being used: the internal one or the one I installed?

> Is it possible to build web services with IIS in this platform?
> Thanks in advance for the clarifications.
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