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[wtp-dev] Regarding the wisdom of export vs deployable factory

Hi all:

Currently there are two ways to turn a project into a jar / war / ear etc. The first is to use the export menu selections. The second is to use a deployable server adapter.

My question is, what is the wisdom between having two different sections of code (not just two entry points, but 2 different pieces of code entirely) in charge of compiling the output archive? As an example, the JEEDeployableFactory exposes a webtools project in the servertools API. You also have the J2EEExportArtifactOperation for exporting. They both seem to do much of the same thing, though slightly differently. One (JEEFlexProjDeployable) uses just the virtual component model. The other (export) is checking ComponentArchiveLoadAdapter and a whole host of parallel model code.

Wouldn't it be wise to have both the export functionality and the deployable factories be simply entry points to the same code, rather than having huge swaths of duplicate code with slight but undefined differences between the two? I do remember in the past there were also inconsistencies between the export behavior and a server adapter's behavior because of the differences in the export vs deployable code.

Any thoughts?

- Rob Stryker

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