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Re: [wtp-dev] IStructuredModel: releaseFromRead() ramifications

It may not, but you definitely should consider it as such.  When the model's been released enough times for the model manager's internal reference count to drop to zero, a ModelLifecycleEvent is fired to interested listeners indicating this, the results of which I can't predict.  More importantly for you, the underlying text document is also disconnected from the ICSSModel, so really you're just waiting for something to fail from then on.

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Ian Trimble <ian.trimble@xxxxxxxxxx>
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02/12/2009 03:18 PM

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[wtp-dev] IStructuredModel: releaseFromRead() ramifications

I'm currently working on functionality in the JSF Tools Project. I have a question regarding IStructuredModel handling.
I'm doing the following (to load a CSS file):
 - getting an IStructuredModel instance (for read) from the StructuredModelManager
 - casting this model to an ICSSModel instance
 - calling getDocument() on the ICSSModel instance
My question is this: once I have the ICSSDocument instance (that I need to persist for an arbitrary period of time), can I call releaseFromRead() on the ICSSModel instance immediately, or does releasing the model render the document unusable?
Thanks in advance,
 - Ian
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