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[wtp-dev] Moving the org.eclipse.wst.command.env* plugins to web services project


I'm proposing to move the command framework plugins from the webtools.common project to the webtools.webservices project.  These plugins are:

- org.eclipse.wst.command.env

- org.eclipse.wst.command.env.core

- org.eclipse.wst.command.env.ui

These plugins contain the command framework used by the Web services tools currently but could potentially be used by other components.  That's why they reside in the webtools.common project.  These plugins were contributed by developers who currently also work on the Web services project and are maintained by them.  Since these plugins are currently only used by the Web services plugins (and I'm not aware of any team planning to use that framework), I propose to move these plugins to webtools.webservices project to make the effort in committing changes to those plugins easier for these developers.  Note that the org.eclipse.wst.common.environment plugin which contains the environment frameswork will remain in webtools.common since the J2EE team is actively using it.

I've opened RFE 264262 ( for making this change.  Please enter your comments there if you have any concern over this move targetted for WTP 3.1 M6.

Kathy Chan
IBM Canada Lab


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