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Re: [wtp-dev] Usability comment regarding server tools


It sounds like your code is using the old publishTask framework which controls the publish task during a run on server. The mandatory tasks will show on the run on server wizard. You can consider to move to the new publisher framework which was introduced via bug135669. The extension point is called org.eclipse.wst.server.core.publishers.

The new publisher allows the user to control the publishers from the server editor. It will not show the task list as part of run on server.


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[wtp-dev] Usability comment regarding server tools

Server Tools Team,

I wonder if I could get someone on the server tools team to take a look at this usability comment that we received at an Oracle forum. I remember discussing this issue a few years ago, but just cannot find the bug that we would have used to refresh my memory. Maybe someone's memory will be better than mine...

- Konstantin

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one more thing,

when I use run as / run on server, the tasks are diplayed but greyed out, so I cannot change anything, still I have to click on "next" which is pretty useless.



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