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[wtp-dev] Action required for adopters of org.eclipse.wst.wsdl for WTP 3.1 M5

As part of our effort to fix the following planned item in WTP 3.1 M5: - Investigate upgrading to wsdl4j 1.5.1

The minor version number of org.eclipse.wst.wsdl will be increased from 1.1.301 to 1.2.0.  In conjunction, the plugin will change from depending on javax.wsdl version 1.4.1 to 1.5.1.
What this means is all adopters that depend on org.eclipse.wst.wsdl will need to update their plugin dependencies to reflect these 2 changes.

In most cases, these will be the changes you need to make to your file:


Barring any complications, this change will be released next week.  I'll send out another email once this change has been released.

For more information please see: - Investigate upgrading to wsdl4j 1.5.1

And please feel free to contact me if you have any issues/concerns.

Amy Wu
905.413.2522, T/L 313-2522

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