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[wtp-dev] Axis2 wsdl file generation problem

I'm attempting to create an axis2 web service from a wsdl file.

I have created a Dynamic Web Project in eclipse 3.4.1. I have enabled Axis2 in the project facets under project properties. All the relevant Axis2 directories and files build successfully in my project. I right click on my wsdl file to generate the java class files and all processes succeed. My problem occurs in that different files are generated than when I use axis2's wsdl2java shell script. A server-config.wsdd file is generated and not a services.xml. This leads me to believe that axis1 is actually generating these files and not axis2. Has anyone had this problem? Is there anything I can do to take axis1 out of the picture all together and have a pure axis2 web project?

Thanks a million!

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