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[wtp-dev] Questions on effects of a breaking change


During the course of the development of WTP 3.0.3, bug 250004 was reviewed, committed and released which causes a change in API behavior for some use cases. We should have asked for a larger review by adopters, so we are doing that now, belatedly. This change impacts adopters who utilize the ComponentCore.createComponent(IProject project) API in order to call VirtualComponent.create(int updateFlags, IProgressMonitor aMonitor) to create the .settings/org.eclipse.wst.common.component file in conjunction with the addition of the ModuleCoreNature to a project. The "breaking scenario" occurs in FacetInstallDelegates that do not first require one of the Java EE or Static Web facets to be installed. If this change has impacted you, or if you believe that it will, please comment on . We think that for the vast majority of adopters, the change made, while unexpectedly breaking, is actually a better fix- otherwise, all adopters that use these APIs would have had to change their code. But, obviously, we were not aware of how everyone is/was using the API, so we are asking now.

With apologies for the churn,

- Carl Anderson
WTP programmer

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