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Re: [wtp-dev] Content Model Documentation

There is no articles or documents that I know of, right off. 

The concepts were based on a "content model specification" that was worked 
on at w3c, but which never made it to the status of a recommendation (we 
didn't know it wouldn't be, when we started the work ... and thought it'd 
be best to follow some sort of specification if possible). 

I'm not sure this is the quite the right reference ... was all I could 
find, right off ... it would have been similar to
You can see the remanents in such names of interfaces such as CMDocument, 
CMEntity, CMNode, CMElement etc.

This specification was hard to use "in the raw" so interfaces and 
implementations involving "ModelQuery" and "ModelQueryAssociation" were 
created to avoid repetitive coding, etc. 

Hope this helps some small bit. 

David Carver <dcarver@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
"General discussion of project-wide or architectural issues." 
10/29/2008 04:31 PM
[wtp-dev] Content Model Documentation

Are there any wiki or Eclipse corner articles on the WTP Content Model 
implementation for XML?   In VEX I'm trying to slowly replace and 
refactor out the custom DTD parser and validator so that it uses the WTP 
Content Model instead of it's own home grown implementation.

In particular if there are any resources on how it handles DTDs 
currently that would be helpful.



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