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[wtp-dev] EclipseCon 2009 Call For Participation

[I meant to mention in today's status meeting, and since I won't be in next weeks meeting ... ]

I wanted to be sure to call to everyone's attention to the deadline for EclipseCon 2009 proposals: November 24th!

That's not far off, but I know many of you WTP Committers would be able to propose some excellent talks and tutorials.

The conference itself is not until March 23rd - 26th, 2009, in Santa Clara, California, so mark your calendars!

There are some differences this year I thought I'd explain a little:


Based on feedback from last year, tutorials are back to 4 hours each (instead of 2 hours), and they are encouraged to be "in depth" and "hands on".

Last year some of you organized a series of 4, 2 hour "how to build web applications" tutorials. Offhand, I think that'd still be a good theme as a series of 2, 4 hour tutorials, if anyone agrees and want's to organize something similar. That is, feel free to collaborate and propose "joint tutorials".

The general feedback I've heard, from last year, is that the audience of EclispeCon is now such that tutorials might be best as "how to use ... " rather than "how to extend ..." but if anyone heard (or experienced) differently, be sure to let me know.

Long talks:

Still 1 hour, but this year the webtools category was allocated only 4 such slots. (I think it was 5 or 6 last year?).
The reason is that all categories received less up front allocations, and more "unallocated" slots were set aside to distribute near the end of the process, depending on number of submissions, etc. I mention all this, just so everyone knows, there's not a hard limit (yet) and the more (high quality) submissions the better.

Short talks:

Still an emphasis on covering lots of topics quickly.

Posters and BOFs:

These will start being organized in January.

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