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Re: [wtp-dev] Declaring WTP 3.1 M2 build S-3.1M2-20080928142920/

A more general concern from an adopter and down stream project stand point. How can builds be declared that aren't passing all their unit tests. It's goes against the fundamentals of having a clean build, if you declare a "stable" build that has failing unit tests.

How do I know as an adopter or a dependency on a project that it is a good build, if the build is never green. It's been a concern that I don't think has been adequately addressed. Especially if you take a look at the cruise control server and the status of the builds for the last several weeks.


Konstantin Komissarchik wrote:
So what's the story with the DTP version referenced by our 3.1 stream? We are currently referencing dtp-sdk-1.6.1RC3-200809191336 <> while 3.0.2 shipped with 1.6.1 proper. I poked around on DTP download page and haven't found anything like 1.7 M2. There is a 1.6.2 that is in progress by the looks of it. Does anyone know what DTP team is planning for Galileo? - Konstantin

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*Declaring WTP 3.1 M2 build *S-3.1M2-20080928142920/
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