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RE: [wtp-dev] bea weblogic plugin unable to stop server from eclipse

Please post your questions about WebLogic Server plugin on this Oracle forum:

The wtp-dev mailing list is for the use by the developers working on WTP.

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Subject: [wtp-dev] bea weblogic plugin unable to stop server from eclipse

I am using wtp eclipse  , I  am using bea-weblogic plugin to run app server
from eclipse.I am  unable to stop server from eclipse .I click  stop button
, eclipse says it is stopped , then I start , i get port is already occupied
, so every time i click the stop button , i go to my process kill  java.exe
and then restart server, moreover I click stop from eclipse eclipse says
stopped , and in browser I point to localhost/console , I still can see my
admin console.Any help is greatly appreciated.

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