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Re: [wtp-dev] WTP Bugzilla re-org scheduled for Friday 1:00 PM Eastern

David, Helen,

Is the migraiton completed?

If so, we are missing version numbers for all the products, thus we can't change/retarget a defect to any version.

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08/12/2008 04:28 PM

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[wtp-dev] WTP Bugzilla re-org scheduled for Friday 1:00 PM Eastern

Project Leads (especially),

The full proposal is attached to bug 243932.

Please read it, and leave comments or objections in that bug.

But here's the short version ....

= = = = =

We've discussed re-organizing our bugzilla components to match our subprojects

and I think now is a good time. It has been scheduled for Friday at 1:00

(should take around 30 minutes) and should not result in a bunch of notication

mail (I've been told :)

There's a few reasons for this re-org:

1) gives each sub-project lead the bugzilla "rights" they need to control their

sub-project (e.g. create new components, create new versions, milestone

targets, etc.) [There's some infrastructure limit (of 9?) so that a few of you

currently don't have those rights].

2) Makes many bugzilla queries and tracking easier, so we can "query by sub-


3) Hopefully will be easier for end-users opening bugs, so, as one example,

they have a chance of narrowing in on "webservices" instead of having to

examine and guess from the whole list of 35 components!

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