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[wtp-dev] There is a change to WTP 3.0.1 schedule. 8/15 to 8/22

The WTP PMC has decided to delay the release of WTP 3.0.1.

It was scheduled for 8/15 (this Friday) but there are a number of indications that its quality is not to the point it should be.
It was decided in this case, it would be better to sacrifice schedule than to allow a release with known problems and last minute changes.
We will slip by one week, with formal release now planned for 8/22.

This means we will be producing another "final release candidate" this week, by Friday. The goal is to have code fixes done by Wednesday evening,
smoke test Thursday, declared on Friday. This would allow one week of test-only quiet time to confirm the build is releasable and at least have a better understood set of problems rather than last minute fixes. And even this will be difficult to do!

This is the list of blockers and criticals that are untargeted, or targeted for 3.0.1. These all need to be fixed or resolved within next few days.  

blo  Websphere v6 server not working properly if installation ...
blo  [hotbug] Exchanging entity objects contents when renaming...
blo  during publish of modules only java files are taken
243547 cri  Deadlock with JPA Validator
243556 cri  NullPointerExceptions when starting eclipse, or when crea...
cri  Improve Performance of Web Service Runtime Server Defaulting
cri  NPE in ValidationRegistryReader
cri  EAR project is created with wrong version

Some of those already have fixes available and are awaiting PMC review.

PMC members, please frequently check the PMC summary page and provide approval on those bugs that committers have felt important enough to bring forward for review -- or, please be explicit if you can not approve. I think in particular we need to focus on and fix regressions!

Committers and adopters, please continue to test the currently declared M build and open bugs, especially for issues that are regressions. I'm not sure we've found them all yet!? and will still have difficult decisions to make.

While we hate to miss a scheduled date, we also value quality. We were knowingly being especially aggressive with fixing many bugs since 3.0 was released, and we want to be confident that our quality efforts pay off and do not result in regressions that turn out to make the maintenance worse than the original!

By the way, this does not effect our scheduled 3.0.2 which has a more restrictive schedule, since it is purposely simultaneous with the rest of Ganymede.

Thanks everyone, we appreciate your continued efforts and support.

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