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Re: [wtp-dev] Plans for moving WPT 3.1 build to be using platform 3.5 i-builds?

> Can WTP 3.1 build start picking up platform's 3.5 i-builds at this
> point? Platform made several fixes that I am interesting in cross-
> testing with WTP code

Are they fixes that really require to be compiled against the new platform? That'd be important for everyone to know.
Otherwise of course you can just test to your hearts content :)
unless ... do you know if we "break" due to version ranges anywhere? That too would be very important to know!

And, I can't help but ask ... now that you've sparked my curiosity ... what platform bugs could be that interesting or important!? :)

As far as when to move up ... it might be best to discuss at status meeting first? But I would not object to anyone on the releng team updating.

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