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RE: [wtp-dev] Eclipse cannot find the tag library descriptors for JSFcore and html taglibs

> As far as I understand the problem, the Glassfish server has the JSF
> libs at runtime, but they are not included in the classpath of your Web
> project targeted on the Glassfish runtime. The latter is responsibility
> of the Glassfish server adapter that you have downloaded. It is not
> develop in the WTP project and you should report the problem to the

Ensure that your Glassfish server runtime is on the classpath.  When you select your JSF runtime to be "Server Supplied", JSF tools assumes that you have a server classpath container on your classpath.  Unfortunately, there is currently no check for this on the JSF side, although there should be.

You should be able to resolve in one of two ways:

- right-click on Project->Properties->Target Runtimes and check the box for Glassfish runtime.  This should put the Glassfish container on the classpath and, if it's correctly configured, will put the JSF libraries on the cp as well.

- (*hackier*) you could also find a copy of the JSF libraries and put them in JavaEE Module Dependencies, but ensure that the deploy flag is not checked.  This way, the classes will be in the design time cp, but at runtime, your server libs will be used.


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