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[wtp-dev] How to plan for bug fixes?

As was mentioned in the status meeting today, we don't seem to have a "phase" of planning that includes existing, or old bugs.

It seems "overkill" to mark them with the 'plan' keyword, since not a new feature, it would dilute the planning documents, but we do need to plan for them!

Unless someone has a better idea, I suggest this be done by simply marking bugs with "3.1" milestone target it you (committers) think that it should be addressed in 3.1. This isn't a promise that it will be, but a statement of intent. (As always, Dali would use 2.1).

And, rather than just marking all bugs as "3.1"  :(  
I suggest project leads apply some focus to the big hitters.
For example, it seems nearly all "highly voted" bugs should be added to 3.1 "plans" ... similar for nearly all "major" bugs.
I'm sure there might be some cases where you (committers) do NOT plan to fix a bug in 3.1, and perhaps those are ones that could be marked 'future' (after you assess importance vs. effort) and/or mark as "helpwanted" if you think it's a good idea, but you already know you (and your core teams) won't have the time or ability to fix it in 3.1.

Accordingly, I've added a few more queries to our Plan Document that should help you to focus your triage efforts.

Summary Bugzilla Queries

The following table shows all 'plan' (keyword) items for all targets and components.

Plan Summary Table

The following table shows all items targeted for WTP 3.1 that are not plan items, per se.

WTP 3.1 Targeted bugs

 Triage bugzilla for candidate items to target to 3.1

As planning progresses, we will expect these types of bugs (major, or ones with many votes) to become less and less in number.

As always, if anyone has any better or additional ideas, please say so.


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