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Re: [wtp-dev] Reminder of Priorities for this week for 3.0.1 RC1

Hey David, Are you keepin' secrets? How can I get ahold of that nice versioning report tool, with instructions on how to use it for our internal products? Is anyone using that internally?

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[wtp-dev] Reminder of Priorities for this week for 3.0.1 RC1

As discussed (or implied) at last status meeting, please allocate some time before this weeks status meeting to the following

1. resolve critical and blocking defects:

2. triage the hundreds of bugs still targeted to 3.0.1. As of status meeting on Thursday there should only be major or high priority bug remaining on the list (and, ideally, only 20 or 30 total ... some realistically can get done in a week or so number-of-bugs. Its time to clamp down.

3. Update plugin and feature versions by +1 in service field where the plugin or feature has changed.
An easy way to spot these is to look at a current versioning report and look for plugins or features with "qualifier only" increase.


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