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RE: [wtp-dev] WTP Performance Cross Team

FYI, I added the results of my work item to the minutes:

Gary - As promised I spent some time looking into how the platform runs their performance tests. I think I got about as far as Kaloyan did. I was able to write and then run a performance test. This test wrote results into a Derby database. I was able to examine the database and verify that the results were written correctly.

I then spent a significant amount of time debugging the org.eclipse.test.performance.ui.Main application, to try to get it to generate some graphs. This program is very specific to the platform (e.g. they hard coded in a number of standard eclipse components) and would take some work to make it usable by others. I was hitting various NPEs while trying to run it against my database. In the time that I had set aside I couldn’t get it to generate results.

Gary Karasiuk, RAD Performance Analyst
TL-969-3985, external: (905)-413-3985

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Date: 07/21/2008 01:34 PM
Subject: RE: [wtp-dev] WTP Performance Cross Team


Thanks everybody for participating on the meeting.
The minutes of the first meeting are available here:

Next meeting is next Monday same time. See details on the wiki page:


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As discussed on the WTP status call, I setup a wiki page about the WTP
Performance Cross Team. I decided to reuse the existing WTP Performance
Tests wiki page:

I added new section at the beginning of the page. You can see there the
logistics for the Performance status meetings, future meeting minutes
and list of team participants.

First meeting is next Monday, July 21. Please, check if I have setup the
time for the meeting correctly (the time that we agreed on the status
call) - I might have a mistake.

Kaloyan Raev
Eclipse WTP Committer
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SAP Labs Bulgaria
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