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[wtp-dev] RE: [ui-best-practices-working-group] WTP Facets Framework UI Walkthrough Notes

This is not really related to ui best practices and usability conversation, but in any case...


I don’t see a conflict here. What the facet author chooses to do during facet install is completely up to them. Facets don’t conflict with project dependencies / build path any more than natures is do. It is true that a facet might add a jar to project build path, but the same facet would typically perform other actions as well (pre-configuring project properties, adding builders, laying down source files, etc.).


There have been some discussions in the past about adding support for "inferring" facets based on project contents. This was in the context of importing naked source (no metadata) into a project. The general problem is quite challenging and payoff is minimal, so we did not pursue that any further. However, the framework is still evolving, so I would not rule out some form of this being supported in the future.


We can continue this discussion on the wtp-dev mailing list.


- Konstantin



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Raev, Kaloyan wrote:

> Here are the notes I have taken during the WTP Facets Framework UI

> walkthrough that we did on Wednesday.

> There are some screenshot uploaded on the wiki that can be used for a

> quick reference while reading the notes:



  I also would like to bring up another somewhat confusing issue about

facets. It is that for Java projects (and probably for some other

projects) they imply certain jars to be added as project

dependencies/classpath. I am not completely sure about internals of

this, but this feature is conflicting with dependency management

mechanisms and tools, such as Maven and also somewhat overlaps with

JDT's own build path configuration UI. It would be interesting to see

more detailed discussion on that.


  Not sure if you know, but m2e Maven tools project is being provisioned

at Eclipse [1] and it is based on m2eclipse [2], which already has some

WTP support [3] (screenshots are based on WTP 2.x, so it may look

slightly different then one shown to the UI expert group).


  I would really like to find a good way to interoperate between Maven

tools and WTP facets and how UI for that should look like. There is some

interesting challenges around configuring Maven projects to work with

WTP, but that perhaps belong to the cross project issues mailing list.










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