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[wtp-dev] Fun new stuff to test via update site

In our RC3 version of the Ganymede update site, we'll have more options for what to install. This is mostly to separate some of the 'optional' features. (This has changed, some, with
P2, so to make them "visible", I've added them to stie.xml file).

The "fun" part is that _javascript_ and XML can be installed without JDT!, so am hoping some of you can test those configurations ... and, test them _this week_ before the RC3 site is ready (since by then, little time left to fix anything).

Right now, with our webtools/tempTestUpdates you'd have to install EMF and GEF ahead of time, along with Eclipse Platform, for the XML install, but _javascript_ should require only the Eclipse Platform.
In the final ganymede site, you can, for example, install only the Eclipse Platform, and then select XML, and get a minimal install.

It is important for XML and _javascript_ teams to test things in these reduced installs to make sure there are no "hidden" dependancies that do not normally cause problems, but which will cause problems in these reduced installs. Such as ... check the preference pages ... and see if internet cache page works :)

Note: some of the "optional" features don't act as optional as they should ... but that'd be a larger change and not sure it is worth fixing at this point. For example, if you pick Java EE developer tools, you will automatically get the Web Page Editor. But, JPA, I think, was defined correctly such that if you install Java Persistence API Tools, then you will not automatically get the EclipseLink Support, without selecting it.

As always, open bugs if you see issues.


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