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Re: [wtp-dev] TVT bugs

To explain this yearly phenomena ... for those that don't know .... IBM typically provides extra testing for National Language issues shortly before a release. While IBM no longer contributes any translations, per se, this testing is still a valuable contribution to Eclipse (albeit, IBM has own product reasons for doing this work, just like most of the rest of everyone's Eclipse contributions in general).

And, these testers have come to traditionally use "TVT" in their bug abstract, so they can easily track and verify their own specific bugs.

So to answer your question, "yes" it is reasonable to propose them to the PMC for RC2 and "probably" even for RC3 if "simple and safe", as you say. And, if not simple and safe, it is polite to document that -- as with any bug -- so it's obvious we are reading them and paying attention to the bugs people take the trouble to enter.

In general, I take the attitude that we want to accept their severity as entered, like we normally do (usually), and judge their priority just like and along side any other bug we have to evaluate here at the end of a release ... with perhaps a small increment due to general respect for humanity (or, I should say, to counter-act some of our ignorance of non-English speakers) and also due to the open-source business reason that we receive this kindly, contributed, focused testing (and verification) only once per year (typically). Perhaps another way to state this, is that stability and really bad bugs remains our primary concern .... but a 'normal' TVT bug would be reasonable to fix, if safe and simple (but, there is certainly no obligation to, just like any other bug). This pattern may change over time, as the Babel project gains momentum and as (hopefully) there is a wider community effort in these NL issues.

I hope that clarifies how to balance the various issues. If not, feel free to ask more questions.

(and of course, others are welcome to voice their own opinions too -- there's not just one right answer in open development! :)

I appreciate you bringing this up publically, as I forget and assume everyone else already knows everything I know (which, I know, just proves my ignorance :)

From: "Raev, Kaloyan" <kaloyan.raev@xxxxxxx>
To: "General discussion of project-wide or architectural issues." <wtp-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 05/16/2008 05:15 AM
Subject: [wtp-dev] TVT bugs


I have already received some TVT bugs and they keep coming. These bugs
are about i18n issues. They are usually fixed with quite simple and safe
patches. I find them very useful for all adopters, because I think all
products based on WTP try to do i18n to some degree.

I just want to ask what severity we give to these bugs? Do we continue
fixing them for RC2? How about RC3 and later? When do we start
postponing them for 3.0.1?

Kaloyan Raev
Eclipse WTP Committer
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SAP Labs Bulgaria
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