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[wtp-dev] Proposal to balance stability and impatience (i.e. continuous integration).

As I hope you all know, as we enter our end-game we have plans to have an "early, internal declaration" on Friday (after testing on Thursday), but then not officially declare it until due the following Tuesday.

So, what's to happen between Thursday and Tuesday? Will there be no new code releases and no new builds?

That's normally what we would do, in case we need to respin our RC1 build (which for various reasons, I think is likely).

But then we lose the advantages of continually building with fixes that are approved for RC2.

To have the best of both worlds, I propose we put the N-builds on an automatic cycle, instead of on-demand, --- say, approximately once every 6 hours, unless an RC1 re-build is needed -- so committers can commit code to head (after PMC review and approval) to make sure it compiles, integrates, tests, etc.,  but not actually release it (tagged in map files) until after we officially declare on Tuesday.

I think this will work if all teams and committers have "clean" HEAD code, that matches the released code (except for the newly approved fixes).

Does anyone NOT do that? I suspect you all do, but thought I should confirm, before we agree on this proposal.
We can discuss and confirm during Thursday's status call.

Or, if anyone has any better ideas, let us know.


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